September 6, 2013
Lynchburg, Virginia

Picture of Marjol Rush-Collet with Mrs. Hester Spencer
Marjol Rush-Collet, Curator of the Langston Hughes Family
was hosted by Shaun Spencer Hester the Creator
and Director of the Harlem Renaissance Festival Project in
Lynchburg, Virginia.

Mrs. Spencer Hester brings to life each year the flavor of Harlem
in honor of her grandmother, Poet and Educator Anne Spencer,
an original member of the Harlem Renaissance and peer of
Langston Hughes.

[left to right]
Marjol Rush-Collet, Mrs. Hester Spencer

February 20, 2013
Kennedy King College
Chicago, Illinois

Marjol Rush-Collet
Family Artifacts

[left to right]
Kennedy King College Exhibition Signage, Langston Hughes' Family Artifacts, Marjol Rush-Collet* at Podium, Joyce Morgan-Sister of Marjol Rush-Collet, C.M. Palcido - Professor, Temple Jean Hemphill - Professor, Marjol Rush-Collet*, Joyce Ester - President, and Rochelle Robinson Dukes, Professor.

*denotes cousin to Langston Hughes

Chicago Literary Hall of Fame Inductees
Class of 2012 - November 30, 2012
Chicago, Illinois

This was the third year that notables of the literary world from Chicago are inducted into the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame.  Each year the awards are presented to those individuals that have contributed and made an impact on the arts in Chicago. 

Langston Hughes was one of the six inductees.  The event was held November 30, 2012 at the Chicago Cultural Center and Marjol Rush-Collet, Curator of the Langston Hughes Family Museum and cousin to Mr. Hughes accepted the award. 


February 1, 2012
Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO)
New Orleans, Louisiana

[left to right]
Linda Hill, Curator -Center for African American Studies (CASS), Dr. Felix James -Professor of History, Department of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Victor Ukpolo -Chancellor, SUNO, and Dr. Romanus Ejiaga -Director CAAS

Voices of SUNO
Linda, Hill, Marjol Rush-Collet and Darlene Holmes
Chuck Perkins, Spoken Word Artist

[left to right]
Voices of SUNO, Marjol Rush-Collet* , Linda Hill -Curator, Marjol Rush-Colle* and Darlene Holmes, Chuck Perkins -Spoken Word Artist.

*denotes cousin to Langston Hughes

October 12, 2010
Dr. Margaret T.G. Burroughs
DuSable Museum of African American History
Chicago, Illinois

In a recent meeting held with Dr. Margaret T.G. Burroughs, Co-Founder of the DuSable Museum of African American History, she offered her assistance to the Langston Hughes Family Museum by becoming an Honorary Board Member. Dr. Burroughs stated that Langston Hughes was an inspiration to her and she would be honored to Pay It Forward by becoming an Honorary Board Member and Mentor. It is a great honor to have this living legend, in the person of Dr. Margaret T.G. Burroughs, be a part of the Langston Hughes Family Museum!

February 4, 2010
Black History Program
Corbett Center Auditorium
New Mexico State University, Las Cruses

Group Photo | New Mexico State University
Lawrence Brown,  Jr. Jazz Combo
Karl O. Kendall, Marjol Rush Collet, and Dr. Festus Addo-Yobo

[left to right]
Laura Spencer Gutierrez, Director of Chicano Programs; *Karl O. Kendall;
Dr. Paul Gutierrez, Extension Specialist and Economics, Vice Provost-NMSU; *Marjol Rush Collet with son *Christopher D. Rush, SSG, U.S. Army;
Dr. Festus Addo-Yobo; Students: Cassie Driskel, Diana Nzau, Bryanna Sylvas, and Christina Chava Kelly, Asst. VP Student Diversity and Outreach.

*denotes cousin to Langston Hughes

Lawrence Brown, Jr. Jazz Combo  |   Entertainment at the Meet & Greet.
Dr. Festus Addo-Yobo, Director of Black Programs NMSU with cousins *Marjol Rush Collet and *Karl O. Kendall.

March 20, 2009
Winter Reception
Langston Hughes Family Museum In-Partnership with the Dr. Bernard C. Watson Academy for Boys
Gary, Indiana

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February 14, 2009
Black History Program
Hammond Public Library
Hammond, Indiana


January 15, 2009
Family of Langston Hughes in Terre Haute, Indiana

The Terre Haute (IN) Human Relations Commission led by Jeffery Lorrick, Director in partnership with the Vigo County Library hosted the Langston Hughes Family Museum on January 15, 2009.  The event was the kick-off not only to honor Dr. Martin Luther King but to also signal the beginning of Black History Month Celebrations.  Marjol Rush-Collet, the cousin of Langston Hughes exhibits Hughes Family artifacts around the country and gives a talk about the relationship Mr. Hughes had with relatives, family legacy and the importance of honoring history.

City officials also hope events like this will spark positive discussion. Especially heading into another landmark event. "In this year.. That we're going to soon inaugurate our first black president. it's just a tremendous feeling going on around the nation.. and I wanted to capture that in these events. This will help the Valley gear up for a nation's first, so the f uture can write a little history of its own" Jeff Lorrick of the Terre Haute Human Relations Commissions said.

June 28, 2008
Grand Opening
Gary Public Library DuBois Branch
Gary, Indiana

Langston Hughes Family Museum Initial Advisory Board
[back, left to right] Lawrence E. Sandlin, Sr., Marjorie R. Walton, Vernita C. Brooks, Dan Ishmon.
[front, left to right] Alverine L. Hegwood, Roma K. Ivey, *Marjol Rush Collet , Jean Ishmon and
Diana Sandlin, Public Relations Consultant.

*denotes cousin to Langston Hughes.


April 19, 2008
Dream Flags Project
Presentation at the Kimmel Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On stage with *Marjol Rush Collet are Jeff Harlan, Cherese Ford and Sandy Crow, Creators of the Dream Flags

*denotes cousin to Langston Hughes.

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